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Coaching Services

There is infinite potential within everyone, sometimes we just need the opportunity and resources to discover and then unleash it. 

Coaching programmes are tailored to individual needs drawing on a number of different modalities to create the most effective programme.  I utilise techniques from Positive Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Transformative Coaching, Time Line Therapy ®, Hypnotherapy as well as drawing on DISC Profiles and Heartstyles Indicators.

Clients will embark on a transformational journey where they can:

  • Discover and articulate their purpose

  • Identify and understand their values, internal drivers and personal strengths

  • Uncover and eliminate limiting beliefs

  • Replace unhelpful habits and ineffective strategies

  • Gain more clarity on goals and put in place steps to make them a reality

Reach out so we can discuss your needs and how coaching with me could support you to achieve your goals.

Free Discovery



Apply for a free discovery call for us to discuss your needs and find out how we can tailor a personalised programme.


45 minutes I free

One on One



Coaching sessions personalised to your personal goals. Due to the people's busy schedules sessions can be can be run via Skype or Zoom. In person sessions can also be scheduled. 

Packages can be arranged for longer term goals.

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Coaching Client


"It was a wonderful journey to have someone so passionate and reliable as my coach. Charlotte was coaching me during my last year of study. It was a time that I was embarking on a new chapter of my life and I was hoping to kick off the changes that I had been wanting to make but had always hesitated. 

With her professional guidance, Charlotte helped me turn ideas into action and form some new habits effectively. Each session was helpful and helped me understand more about myself. I'll definitely recommend Charlotte to anyone that wants to attain a better version of themselves or just needs a little help with a breakthrough"

- E. Du, Analyst, Sydney

"I initially went to Charlotte with many uncertainties around my career development, trying to convince myself to go down a certain path that didn’t feel quite right.


The visualisation work I did with Charlotte really triggered a thought process that led me to where I am now. It didn’t give me all the answers instantly, but it gave me a different perspective that I hadn’t thought of, which pushed me to explore a new direction. Over time, all the pieces came together, my thoughts got a lot clearer, and my notes from the visualisation work suddenly made everything click into place. The result has given me the confidence to set up my own business."

Olivier Millier, Founder of ECLOW, Hong Kong

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