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How To Discover Your Career Values In 4 Easy Steps

Uncover The Driving Force Behind Career Fulfilment And How To Get Clarity On What’s Truly Important For You, So That You Can Take Your Future Into Your Own Hands
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This simple but powerful process will discover your career values, the internal driving force for career fulfillment. This guide will help you to:


  • Uncover the values that are driving your decision making and fueling your motivation. There is often a lot more beneath the surface that you are not consciously aware of. If you understand your values you can gain much more awareness of what is driving your thoughts, feelings and actions. More awareness = more choices!

  • Understand the signs that can indicate that your work life may be in conflict with your career values. When you understand your values it’s easy to spot the misalignment so you can take necessary steps to make adjustments and increase your career fulfilment.

  • Gain an incredible depth of awareness about yourself not just in career but in life. This process can be applied to any area of life to give the clarity you need to take your future into your own hands.

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About Charlotte


Charlotte Sutton-Dockreay is an NLP Master Coach & Trainer and also supports women as a Career Transformation Mentor.

She helps accomplished women access their next level of success in life and business using NLP.

Charlotte focuses on enabling others to gain more self-awareness, understand and eliminate self-limiting beliefs, get clarity on life and career values, establish strategies to operate most effectively and ultimately gain the skills and mindset to achieve personal and professional growth.

She holds a Diploma in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnotherapy and is a certified;

  • NLP Master Coach and Trainer

  • NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer

  • Time Line Therapy® Master Practitioner and Trainer

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