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Charlotte Sutton-Dockreay

Personal Impact Coach, NLP Trainer &
Behaviour Change Specialist

I Help Ambitious Coaches, Consultants and Corporate Professionals To Gain The Mindset and Skillset To Become the Best Version Of Themselves, Achieve Their Goals and Live Life with Clarity, Confidence and Conviction

Are you ready to unleash your
infinite potential?

Join Me For a FREE Live 3 day workshop
February 13, 14, 15 at 8-9p
m HK time


Awaken Your Potential

Uncover what is holding you back from taking the next step in your career or life so you can live life with no compromises.

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Gain a deeper understanding of yourself  so you can develop the resources to master your mindset, hack your habits and achieve your goals so you can become the best version of yourself!

For Coaches, Consultants and Corporate Professionals looking to skyrocket their confidence, embody their next level of leadership and turn their potential into their reality... all whilst learning the skills to support others to do the same.

Unleash the Excellence Within
NLP Coach Certification

For Companies looking to invest in their people and help them to boost their personal impact, manage their wellbeing and to come together as high performance teams


Charlotte Sutton-Dockreay

Creator of Unleash the Excellence Within NLP Coach Certification | Founder of Infinite Potential Ltd | NLP Master Coach and Trainer | Time Line Therapy® Master Practitioner and Trainer | Positive Psychology Coach, PPCA

Charlotte is a Personal Impact Coach, NLP Trainer and Behaviour Change Specialist.  

"My mission is to help you unleash your infinite potential. If things are hindering your results, I help you discover and let go of limiting beliefs and ineffective behavioural patterns so that you are empowered and equipped to elevate your personal impact and transform your results in all areas of life."

She helps ambitious coaches, consultants and corporate professionals to gain the skills to master their mindset, hack their habits and achieve their goals so they can live their best life.

Originally from the UK, she has been living in Hong Kong for almost 12 years now.


Charlotte is all about encouraging people to dream big and to learn about the power of our minds to achieve so much more. To know that those pesky habitual reactions and behavioural patterns that drive you bonkers and hold you back (hello to the inner dialogue turned to doubt and negativity), they can all be changed with a little bit of work.

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