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Modern Hypnosis

Certification Course

Learn the power of hypnosis for life changing transformation.

During this 3-day certification training your will learn proven and effective techniques for self hypnosis and how hypnosis can help to reduce stress, enhance performance and to support people bringing about change in their life. 

A Training & Certification

You will be trained and certified to conduct hypnosis to support people to create change in their life.

You will be trained in the areas of:

  • Performance Enhancement

  • Stress Reduction

  • Weight Management

  • Quitting Smoking

This basic hypnotherapy training will provide you with theory and hands-on practice in the techniques.


You'll learn effective techniques to:

  • Explain what hypnosis really is!

  • Understand how to work with the unconscious mind

  • Interview clients to determine the suggestions that will get results

  • Do suggestibility testing

  • Use proven inductions to take out the guess work

  • Create effective suggestions to use In Hypnosis

  • Make use of deepening techniques

  • Conduct Self-Hypnosis

Getting Certified

In order to receive certification you will need to successfully complete the training and all exercises during the course and do the supplementary reading and written test within 2 months. 

When certified by Infinite Potential Ltd you will also be entitled to apply for certification and membership with the American Board of Hypnotherapy*.



Course Price: $5,495

Early Bird Pricing: $4,500

Group Booking 4+: $3,500

*Fees apply.

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