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Transformation Breakthrough


The Transformation Breakthrough is an intensive personal or professional coaching package that will create the momentum needed to accelerate you in achieving your goals. 


Your personal Breakthrough can focus on dealing with limitations and problems in any area of life: relationships, career, family, health or well-being. 

Following the sessions people experience an increased sense of personal alignment, confidence, empowerment and renewed motivation. Clients gain more clarity on the goals they want to achieve and the actions required to get them there. They feel inspired to access their infinite potential!


A breakthrough session can help with:

  • Improving personal growth and development

  • Focusing on career development or a career change

  • Improving health or wellbeing

  • Improving relationships or aspects of family life

  • Developing a sense of direction and clarity

  • Improving self-confidence

  • Feelings of being ‘stuck’/ demotivation


How is it structured?


The Transformation Breakthrough coaching package is an intensive approach, split into 4 stages that lead to accelerated results. The journey totals 14hrs split over 12 weeks  or it can be condensed into longer sessions over a shorter duration if fast rapid results are what you are after. 

Step 1 - Initial Consultation

An initial call to discuss your previous experience with coaching as well as your personal history related to your chosen area of focus. We will also take some time to understand your desired outcomes for the session. 

A task will be assigned for you to complete that helps focus on the Discovery session deliverables.

Step 2 - Discovery Session

In the Discovery stage, the focus will be on uncovering self-limiting beliefs; negative emotions, ineffective habits and personal challenges that are holding you back. Some of which may be outside of your awareness! Once we know the presenting problems we can then begin the work on eliminating them at step 3, the breakthrough.

Step 3 - Transformation Breakthrough

Now is the time for the transformation. We will remove any negative emotions and limiting decisions, install resourceful states and helpful strategies and gain a new perspective on designing the life you desire. Gaining clarity, motivation and new empowering beliefs about yourself you will be able to focus on the future knowing that you can achieve your highest aspirations. Your infinite potential will be unleashed.

The final segment of the session will be focused on setting goals aligned with your absolute desires for the future. Establishing specific actions and timelines that will lead you to achieving your goals.

Step 4 - Progress Review

Based on your goals and timelines a final check-in will be set-up for us to review your progress and results. I want to ensure you are set-up for success and will be happy to provide fine-tuning to support you in achieving your goals as required.

Follow on support:

If you would like to add ongoing coaching sessions these can help to continue to support you in holding yourself accountable for your progress or to focus on additional areas. This can be discussed during any of the sessions to see how they can be incorporated.

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